Fuel Saving Technology for professional vehicles

The leading company in ECU tuning files development presents the ECO TUNING software especially designed for heavy duty diesel engines. It’s been successfully tested on medium and large trucks and buses and doesn’t require any mechanical modification.

The need for fuel saving

The major challenge that a transport company has to face is the continuously rising cost of fuel. Auto makers keep presenting more and more fuel efficient but it is very hard for a company to renew the fleet at the same speed.


Reduce fuel consumption on absolute liters figures

Choose your vehicle

Fuel saving: 6-15%

Reduce the fuel consumption by 6-15%, depending on the make/model and use of the machinery

Increase the engine's performance

Engine’s improved performance offers lower emissions and smoother function that translates into higher efficiency and less engine’s fatigue.

Custom remap

Depending on the customer’s requirements the engine’s operating parameters can be altered taking in consideration specific working conditions

What are the ECO TUNING benefits on professional vehicles

Why you should choose Filos PRO.Tuning

Trucks and vans case studies

See the results of specific researches and data analysis on specific samples and in real-life conditions

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