Scania Marine D16 076M

The ECO TUNING software was installed on a vessel on July of 2021 and a trial was performed in the sea area off Dover in the UK.

The trial was undertaken at calm sea and fuel consumption readings were obtained with a digital fuel flow meter while the Captain maintained the engine at steady rpm. This way the fuel consumption is measured without having it compromised by variables such as the propeller’s ratio or the keel friction.

The official consumption chart, as it is provided in the Scania Marine D16 076M engine’s technical sheet, was taken as benchmark and the readings of the engine provided with FILOS PRO.TUNING’s software are noted over it.

Dover 7/2021 Test Scania Marine D16 076M

r.p.m.Stock lt/hTuned lt/hlt/h eco%

Stock engine’s figures are based on Scania’s technical sheet for the D16 076M engine as they’re published on the company’s official website.

The black line corresponds to the consumption of litres/hour with factory software.
The red curve corresponds to consumption with ECO TUNING.