Modern internal combustion engines (ICE) are constantly monitored by sensors which send data to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that in consequence uses that data to regulate the engine’s function. The ECU differentiates the operational parameters in real time, in order to adjust to the continuously variable driving conditions. FILOS PRO.TUNING’s ECU remap improves the way it manages the sensor’s data maximizing the engine’s efficiency in power and torque delivery as well as lowering fuel consumption.

Filos Pro Tuning benefits for the professional

Fuel Saving

Fuel Saving via special engineered software, adapted to the vehicle’s driving conditions.

Increase of vehicle’s performance

Improve the vehicles power and torque delivery together with smoother function and lowered emissions

Custom remap

FILOS PRO.TUNING can custom engineer the ECU’s software according to the customer’s special requests and/or different diving conditions of the fleet.

ECU reading

This procedure is being done via special equipment either via the OBD port or through the ECU itself, depending on model and version.

Software improvement

After the factory’s software is being downloaded a copy of the file is being improved by our specialized programmer by altering settings and charts where is necessary in order to achieve our performance and fuel saving goals

ECU re-write

The new software is being designed taking into consideration all of its parameters such as the version, the emissions class and the factory’s safety standards. After the new software has been thoroughly checked it’s being uploaded to the engine’s ECU which immediately starts running under new management.

Pro.Tuning for professional vehicles

Either you’re a singular professional that drives long distances on daily basis, or a fleet manager you’re facing the continuously rising cost of transportation.

Petrol, Diesel and Gas prices are on constantly rising spiral that rarely descends. As a result, on a yearly basis, a large aprt of your profits goes literally up in smoke.

Trucks, buses and heavy duty machinery but also taxis and vans can benefit by the FILOS PRO.TUNING upgrade on their engine’s ECU. It is quick, reliable and delivers instantly. Marine PRO.TUNING for fuel saving

Pro tuning of boats to reduce fuel consumption

From a small boat with an outboard engine to a large yacht with multiple large naval engines the fuel consumption can be lowered allowing for the vessel to maximize its range with the corresponding profit to the operator

Using FILOS PRO.TUNING software a boat renting business can benefit  through the increase of the engine’s reliability, through its smoother function or by lowering the rpm limiter, while the remap’s implementation on larger vessels of a Yachting company can also maximize their range through an important fuel saving percentage.