METRO A.E.B.E – Zampetakis Konstantinos

Athens 13/01/2015

With this letter I wish to refer to the good cooperation that our company has with
In our privately owned fleet of trucks, we have improved the eninge’s ECU
using FILOSRENNSPORT’s software (Nikos Filos).
The improvement was made to the following vehicles:
• Mercedes Benz Actros 1851 V8 tractor (40 tn)
• Mercedes Benz Actros 2541 L (26 tn)
• Mercedes Benz Actros 1524 (19 tn)
In these vehicles, an average reduction in fuel consumption was measured by
6%. The conditions of the routes (loads, distances, drivers) remained the same and
include long national journeys and traffic within N. Attica – Viotia.

In addition to the reduction in consumption, there was also a noticeable increase of the vehicles pulling power ,
while no mechanical malfunction of any kind was observed.
All partners of FILOSRENNSPORT (Nikos Filos) work with remarkable
professionalism, conscientiousness, courtesy and consistency.
Therefore we strongly recommend FlLOSRENNSPORT (Nikos Filos) for cooperation.

Zampetakis Konstantinos
Supplies manager
Directorate of Financial Services