Marine fuel saving technology

FILOS PRO.TUNING develops ECU management software for either onboard or outboard engines with principally for fuel saving, reliability and performance optimization.

The need for fuel saving

Whenever a route is being planned, either it’s about a leisure boat or yacht or a fishing boat or a commercial vessel the biggest problem is the estimation of fuel consumption per hour and the scheduling of the refueling stops. The reduction of fuel consumption allows for saving a significant capital as well as optimizing the vessel’s range.


Reduction of consumption in absolute number of liters via ECU tuning

Fuel saving: 6-15%

Save up to 15% on your refueling expenses, depending on type of engine and sailing conditions

Enhance engine’s performance

Engine’s improved performance offers smoother function that translates into higher efficiency, longer operating range and less engine’s fatigue.

Custom remap

The engine’s operating parameters can be altered taking in consideration the fleet manager’s or captain’s requirements

What are the Marine ECO TUNING benefits

Why you should choose FILOS PRO.TUNING

Marine case studies

See the results of specific researches and data analysis on specific samples and in real-life conditions

Case Studies