ECU Tuning for heavy duty machinery

Either you are a developer or a constructor or you own a fleet of earth moving machines, cranes ecc, most probably you have already calculated the cost of diesel per hour. Given the fact that the cost of continuous replacement of such machinery is prohibitive the most reliable and affective solution for more efficient engines is the ECO.Tuning ECU software. 

Successfully tested on dozers, cranes and all kinds of heavy machinery

Filos Rennsport, one of the most important ECU software developers in the market, invested into Filos PRO.Tuning subsidiary, which is exclusively professional oriented and offers reliable solutions for the majority of the engines produced by the most important manufacturers worldwide such as CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, LIEBHERR, JCB, KUBOTA ecc. The benefit of the ECU Tuning are multiple and after having already gained the trust and confidence of truck and bus owners worldwide, that saw a significant rise of their vehicles range and lower fuel consumption, is now available for heavy machinery owners.

Having already collaborated with earth moving companies and quarries in Greece and abroad, Filos PRO.Tuning is the only company in the field that can offer reliable solutions, without questionable experimentation on the customer’s equipment.


Reduce fuel consumption on absolute liters figures

Find your machinery

Fuel saving: 6-15%

Reduce the fuel consumption by 6-15%, depending on the make/model and use of the machinery

Increase the engine's performance

Engine’s improved performance offers lower emissions and smoother function that translates into higher efficiency and less engine’s fatigue.

Custom remap

Depending on the customer’s requirements the engine’s operating parameters can be altered taking in consideration specific working conditions

What are the benefits of ECO.Tuning on heavy machinery

Why you should choose Filos PRO.Tuning