About us

After years if development by FILOS RENNSPORT , in Greece and abroad and given the continuously rising demand for high quality software services by fleet management and yachting companies, we decided to found FILOS PRO.TUNING exclusively dedicated to professional customers.

The heart and soul of FILOS PRO.TUNING is Nikos Filos. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering by Thessaloniki’s Aristoteleion University and followed postgraduate studies BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University and MSc Computational Fluid Dynamics at UMIST in Manchester. His success in Greece opened the doors of Europe and so, from 2015, co-founded DynoTechRS which now sets the benchmark for ECU tuning for high performance vehicles in the UK.

Software development

The software development is carried out by a team of Engineers on a multi-year research in specialized laboratories.

Software certification

The software’s certification was held in collaboration with the Oxford Brookes University and UK-based Company DynoTechRS Mechanical Engineer Nikos Filos is co-owner and Technical Director of DynoTechRS.

Upgrade your fleet with experience and reliability

Our goal is the installation and smooth operation of the ECO TUNING software on hundreds of trucks, all kinds of vans and buses but also on boats and yachts. We’ve helped their owners to lower their refueling costs by more than a few million euros per year and this why FILOS PRO.TUNING is proudly located on top of the list for any professional.

Remap and Expertise

FILOS PRO.TUNING doesn’t just remap the engine’s ECU but also holds the proper know-how to implement additional plug-ins such as rev and speed limiters and telemetry data analysis in order to match the proper vehicles to the proper routes and drivers. Seminars can be also organized to train the driving personnel to better exploit their vehicle’s new potential.