Truck Pro Tuning

Reduce fuel consumption and increase the range for all kinds of commercial vehicles

Marine Pro Tuning

Higher power output and reduced fuel consumption for boats and yachts

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Fuel Saving Software for professional vehicles

Greece’s leading company in ICE management software technology developed and presents the ECO TUNING software for trucks and boats.

Respecting the factory’s standards

It is time for you to fully exploit your engine’s potential and maximize its performance based on your particular requirements and obtain fuel saving up to 15% on each of your fleet’s vehicle.


Fuel Saving Technology for professional vehicles

Heavy Duty Machinery

ECU Tuning for heavy duty machinery


Marine fuel saving technology

What are the benefits of Eco Tuning in commercial vehicles

How do I benefit using the ECO TUNING?

Whenever an engine’s ECU is reprogrammed we reposition the power and torque curves at lower rpm, as a result we can exploit the engine’s higher torque delivery sooner thus achieving lower fuel consumption.

Fuel saving figures can reach up to 15% but there are more benefits: due to the smoother power delivery the engine faces less fatigue thus reducing the chances of unexpected damages. The AdBlue consumption is also reduced whilst we can customize the engine’s ECU, according to the fleet’s manager requirements and the vehicle’s operating conditions, to achieve even more targeted performance enhancement.


FILOS PRO.TUNING’s ECU TUNING is being successfully tested every day on hundreds of trucks and vans that drive all over Europe. The fuel consumption figures are being collected after thorough collaborative research with major international transport companies. The higher power and torque delivery allows trucks and vans to carry higher payloads with much ease and the drivers enjoy better driving conditions when they know that they don’t need to stress the engine.

Fuel saving

The samples include medium and high range trucks and busses that carry out all kinds of routes: urban, country roads but also long routes across Europe. As it is reasonable the highest saving performance (13-15%) is achieved by vehicles that are driven at constant speed and on roads with minimal altitude differences but the impressive fact is that even vehicles that move around in cities with continuous stops were able to achieve fuel saving figures of even more than 5% .

Trucks and vans case studies

Check out the complete data collected in collaboration with major fleet managers that confirm the fuel saving figures through real-life elements

Case Studies
Marine case studies

Check out the case study done in collaboration with yachting companies to see the fuel saving figures data collected in real-life sailing conditions.

Case Studies